Single Mom’s Lean In! Tip of the Day!

Take advantage of summer downtime!

You’ll notice the office usually gets a little quiet over the summer. Many people are out on vacation and others are attending conferences or out of town meetings. Fight the urge to be a slacker during these times. Take advantage of this period to catch up on email or follow up on old ‘to do list’ items. You know this calm won’t last!

Single Mom’s Lean In! Tip of the Day!

Start your kids at overnight camp as soon as they’re “of age”!

Most camps start accepting children as early as 2nd grade. Whether it’s church camp, girl scout or boy scout camp or anything else, get them in an overnight camp in the summer as soon as they are eligible.  They will end up loving it and will gain some much needed independence. It’s also a great break for you to get a little rest in the summer or take an exciting, adult vacation!

Single Mom’s Lean In! Tip of the Day!

Turn your business trip into a family vacation!

Extend the time or use all that conference ‘on your own’ time to take advantage of showing your kids the world. Bring along grandma, auntie or a babysitter so you can fully commit to work when necessary and play when able.

Happy Father’s Day Single Working Moms!

Maybe it’s a little strange to be starting a mom’s blog on father’s day, but, then again maybe it’s not. I think it may be the perfect day to start offering tips and techniques to single working mom’s everywhere who are working hard to do it all. So, here we go…

The Single Mom’s Guide to Leaning In was inspired in part by Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead. The book got a lot of attention. Probably because Sheryl Sandberg happens to be the COO of Facebook but I believe also because women crave information about how to be better, do more, succeed and achieve for the benefit of our families. We want to know what we need to do to be our best and it’s usually not even for us, but for those we love and care for everyday. I enjoyed the book and could definitely relate to many of the experiences Sandberg highlighted as she gave ideas to women who are trying to break through the glass ceiling at work and find their way into boardrooms and corner offices.

But something struck me in Sandberg’s book, something I’d heard before and we’ve all heard before. That thank you statement to her husband, Dave. The one that says, ‘for making everything possible’. Hmmmm….really? Was everything not possible without Dave?Could Sheryl Sandberg really not have become the COO of Facebook and a satisfied mother of 2 children without Dave?

Now this is not a criticism – I bet Dave is a great guy and an outstanding partner. It definitely seemed that way from the stories Sandberg shared in her book. But what does this mean to me a hardworking single mom trying to get the most out of her education, career, passion and commitment too? Does it mean that it’s not possible for me or any other single mom because I don’t have a Dave?

I believe too many of us may believe this. We believe that there’s no way to become the COO, CEO, President or Executive Director of a Fortune 500 company, big business or organization- unless we have a Dave. But, I think you’re wrong. I think it takes work, tricks, techniques, ideas, planning, creativity and perseverance. But I think even we, single moms, can make everything possible.

With 30% of families with children being led by a single parent and 85% of those parents being moms. We better find a way or make a way to make it possible!

I want to help you. I want to help make your dreams, plans, career ambitions and overall happiness come true. This blog is for single mom’s like me – with big jobs, big dreams, deserving kids and a lot of hope. It will give you applicable tools, techniques and tips on how to lean in at work and at home. The goal is to help you soar in the work place and achieve your goals while still providing the loving and balanced home I know you want to give your kids.

Now, this was just an introduction to what we’re going to do here. The rest of this blog will be something you can use. I’ll give examples of ways I’ve made my life easier and more effective a couple times a week, but everyday I’ll give a Single Mom’s Lean In! Tip of the Day! I want single mom’s everywhere to comment, give suggestions and speak up. This is our chance to help one another.

And maybe one day you’ll be on a stage or write a book and when you give your thank you’s, you’ll say, “To The Single Mom’s Guide to Leaning In – thanks for making everything possible!”

Happy Father’s Day – Single Moms!