Make lemonade!

I just got home from an awesome staycation with the girls and the families of my closest girlfriends. I was already to blog about the value of girlfriends. However, after the girls bath, I realized my computer won’t turn on and it’s not cooling off in here!

I’ve tried everything but the air conditioner is ¬†really not working. It’s 80 some degrees in here. So I’ve put pallets on the floor, turned on a movie and stripped the girls down. Tomorrow, I’ll call the home warranty people and that leads me to my tip.

Every single mom should have two things: Triple A and a home warranty. We’re sweating tonight but for $60, tomorrow, someone’s going to come make a hundreds of dollars repair on my A/C. It’s peace of mind. Most people don’t realize you can get a home warranty even if your house isn’t new. And although I know many think its unnecessary, it can save a single mom in a bind when you could never afford replacing or repairing some of the appliances in your house.

So tonight we have a not so cool but fun sleepover. Tomorrow it will hopefully be a cooled off bedtime as usual!

We’ll talk more about triple A when I’ve cooled off!



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