Make a double scoop sundae out of spoiled milk!

imageOk, I know that’s a bit much but this week has been full of spoiled milk for me and my girls. What could go wrong has gone terribly wrong and what should have gone right went left! So I did something I rarely do, I called in a favor.

And that’s the Single Mom’s Lean In! Tip of the Day!
Know when to ask for a favor!

Remember the guy that said how do you do it? He also said if you ever need anything, call me.

People say this all the time. Several of my friends offered extra rooms during the A/C debacle and my neighbor checks in often with this offer. It means so much to me and I know it does to you too, but I rarely take people up on it.

When should you take people up on this?

1. When you really need help.
2. When it will make them really feel good.
3. When it’s for your kids.

So, today I asked for a favor. Sydney has been a real trooper through the whole A/C, no power, hot house craziness. She’s listened to me, took a half baked lunch to camp and comforted me when I nearly lost it on the Oncor lady. And tonight, we’re at the Justin Bieber concert, enjoying ourselves cause she deserved it and I called in a favor. Oh, and I just got a call… the power and A/C are back on!