Take Off for No Reason!

I’m not working today. There’s no reason. No doctor appointments. Not traveling. No where to be.

Yes, it was planned to give me and the girls a little wind down time before school starts on Monday but how much time will we really need at Target and Wal-Mart!

As a leaning in single mom, we rarely just take off to do nothing. I think people call them mental health days and that’s so true! It’s nice just not having to worry about anything or any schedule.

Now I know many of you will say you can’t afford to waste a vacation day like this. Especially knowing school’s starting, kids will get sick etcetera. But I’m starting to think we can’t afford not to.

Time off for vacation or managing your household is not relaxing. If you’re feeling burnt out at all at work, you’re just going to transfer that to being burnt out at home or even worse fried when you get back to the office. We can’t afford this at work or home. We need to find creative ways to rejuvenate in the midst of our crazy lives.

What should you do on days like this?
• sleep late
• get a massage
• enjoy lunch on a patio
• have a midday cocktail
• get your nails done
• take a nap
• exercise
• go on a walk
• wander the mall
• see a rated R movie

The possibilities are endless. Right now, I’m sitting on my back patio with a cup of coffee, enjoying this strange but pleasant cool Texas August. The day is very young.

Now my only regret is I’m starting to think I should have saved one of these days for next week. The girls would already be heading to school and I’d probably be crawling back in bed!

Enjoy your day! I’m definitely going to enjoy mine! That’s how single mom’s lean in!

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