Advice for Single Mom Sheryl Sandberg – You are not alone!

I started this blog a couple of years ago, on Father’s Day. This was part of my first post:

“The Single Mom’s Guide to Leaning In was inspired in part by Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead…..

But something struck me in Sandberg’s book, something I’d heard before and we’ve all heard before. That thank you statement to her husband, Dave. The one that says, ‘for making everything possible’. Hmmmm….really? Was everything not possible without Dave? Could Sheryl Sandberg really not have become the COO of Facebook and a satisfied mother of 2 children without Dave?

Now this is not a criticism – I bet Dave is a great guy and an outstanding partner. It definitely seemed that way from the stories Sandberg shared in her book. But what does this mean to me a hardworking single mom trying to get the most out of her education, career, passion and commitment too? Does it mean that it’s not possible for me or any other single mom because I don’t have a Dave?”

Last Friday, I couldn’t believe when I heard the news about the tragic loss of Dave Goldberg, Sandberg’s husband. I immediately thought of this post and I immediately thought about Sheryl Sandberg and what she must be feeling without her partner, and it definitely seems that they were truly partners. I mourned for her and I prayed for her and her children who are about the same age as my two daughters.

Then, I thought about what I wanted to say to her and what I wanted to do.

First, I want Sheryl to know that it is all still possible. It won’t feel like it for a while. But time will help. What will also help is those who have come before her. Just as she did in her own book, by sharing her own experiences, she will find support, inspiration, motivation, ideas and hope from single moms everywhere. No matter how we’ve come about being single, we share similar challenges. And even though many will point to the staff and assistance she will be surrounded by, we know that at the end of the day, she is mom. She is now all things to her 2 children and what I want most for her is to not feel alone in that.

That’s what I want for every single mom to know. So I’m going to start this blog back up again. Because the purpose of it is too great to abandon it. You are not alone and yes, everything is possible for you.

RIP Dave Goldberg

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