This blog is meant to be a help to anyone who needs it.

I have worked in corporate America since I was 21. I remember in my first job thinking, the only senior women I meet don’t have kids. That worried me. Then as I continued on in my career. I realized there were some senior women with kids, but they were rarely in the C-suite. In the past 20 years, I’ve watched that change quite a bit. Moms are entering the boardrooms more and more everyday.

But I know it’s hard. There’s so much we have to do before we even get to work that we’re exhausted once we get there. And that’s all moms, married or not, but I also know it can be even harder when you’re not!

I’ve spent most of my mothering years as a single mom. Even when I was married my husband travelled every other week, leaving most of the lifestyle things to be managed by me because they needed to be managed all the time.

When we separated, I had only been back to work for about a year after taking some time off. I knew I had to kick in hard to regain my position in the workplace and now it was more important than ever. I was always the breadwinner. So when we divorced, I knew that for my family to continue to grow and progress, I would have to lean in to my career.

So I did and today I’m a Chief Marketing Officer. It wasn’t easy. But there are things I’ve learned along the way that helped me get to where I am in my job but that also helped me be the best mom I could be while still making my work a priority.

I hope you’ll find these things helpful too.

Noelle LeVeaux


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