The best thing about inspiration is it can come from anywhere at anytime. It also can be just what you needed even though you didn’t know you needed anything.

I went to an event tonight where I was inspired. I was inspired by art, by the artist and his passion to do more than just art, by the people surrounding the project who want to get outside of themselves and make a difference, by a young single mom just trying to do her very best. It struck me as odd that this eclectic gathering could make me feel so much, but that’s what I think we can learn from.

It is likely, that you are an inspiration. It’s also likely that you don’t even know it. But I would challenge you to be more conscious of it.

Encouragement and inspiration are like cousins. We often recognize when we are encouraging someone because it is something we are engaging in. But many people inspire someone without trying or knowing that’s what they’re doing. How do the two differ? I think we inspire one another by sharing ourselves. When we open a window into our lives and let others see into our private world, they can walk away believing they can do it too, whatever it is. It’s showing, not saying, that gives us all hope. That is the root of inspiration, the seed of what you can do or be.

So show people how to live a full, balanced, leaning in kind of life. Watching you face and overcome challenges may make a difference in their life and the lives of those around them. Being a single mom, you know how much you need that inspiration, sometimes just to face the next day. So why not be that for someone else?

That’s how single mom’s leaning in!