Let it go!

I am not going to try to make this sound easy, but I am going to try to make it seem necessary. I believe if there is anything that makes you feel like you’re living in limbo, you should let it go. I think this is a very common feeling for single moms. Often, after divorce, you feel like your family’s in limbo, waiting to see if there’s someone who will come along and step into that father role. As a woman, you’re in limbo wondering if there will ever be another man in your life. For some, you’re waiting to get your finances back in order so you can buy a house with a yard. For others, you’re waiting on a better or different job, considering relocating or changing careers.

It’s a lot of wondering, a lot of worrying and a lot of waiting. But what are you really waiting for and what if it never happens?

A radio DJ in Dallas, Kidd Kraddick*, died yesterday at 53. I didn’t know him personally, but his death had a real impact on me. He was a very caring, generous and seemingly genuine person. He was on the air in the morning for the past 20 years. It’s hard to imagine what Dallas morning radio will be like without him tomorrow.

What struck me the most was how sudden it was and how unprepared we all are for that potential reality. We’re always waiting to start that diet, make that apology, write that book and sudden death usually makes us say, live each moment to its fullest. But what I’m saying, is to do that we have to let some things go.

Some of the things we are hoping for and waiting for may never happen. I may never get married again. You may never buy a house. We may never write that book. But none of that makes today any less valuable, any less worth living to the fullest. Stop letting your wishes or worries about tomorrow eliminate your appreciation of today. Let the worries go. Enjoy today.

That’s how single mom’s lean in!

*Kidd Kraddick was also syndicated on 75 stations across the country and featured on Dish Nation. May he rest in peace.