When Life Gets Harder, Play Harder

So I don’t want anyone to think I support partying or activities that are illegal or harmful. That is not what I’m talking about. What I am talking about is the idea that we work and do life at a high performance level and you should reward yourself at an equal level. 

If you’re following my blog, then you know last week went into the record books for hard knock life happenings. 6 days with no air conditioning, including 4 days of no power at all. By the time the electrician left on Friday, I just decided to stop adding up the financial damage caused by this situation. A single mom and two kids, living in Texas in July can’t survive without a/c. So, there was no choice.
But then Saturday came. An already planned girls night out became the inspiration for the motto and today’s Single Mom’s Lean In! Tip of the Day!
When Life Gets Harder, Play Harder
We went to a concert, had dinner and did a little dancing afterwards. We went all out and hung out til our feet hurt, but our worries of life were gone. At least momentarily. I think we all need that escape every once in a while. And I mean escape…take your enjoyment to the next level cause that’s when you really can come back to reality and lean in harder. 
I can’t tell you a list of things I think should be included in these moments cause I think the key is doing something that truly makes you feel lighter. So it’s your unique Life is Harder, Play Harder survival list. I’ve shared things that are on that list for me below. Make one of your own. So when life gets harder, you’ll know how you’re going to play harder. Then, you’ll be ready to face the next obstacle with a smile created by great memories and a rejuvenated spirit.
Noelle’s Life is Harder, Play Harder Survival List (in no particular order)
1. Staycation
2. Girls trip
3. Girls night out on another level
4. Quality time with my sister 
5. Gut busting laughter with friends or family
6. A bottle of wine, my best friend, laughing and crying all in one night
7. A great date, the kind that gives you butterflies
It’s been a long time on that last one, but a girl can dream!
As a single, working mom trying hard to lean in, you have to learn to reward yourself. You deserve it!
Make your list today. Just thinking about the fun you’ll have next time you’re recovering from a rough patch will likely put a smile on your face.