Someone to call!

Here’s your Single Mom’s Lean In! Tip of the Day!

Get AAA!

One of the worst places to be is on the side of the road, with or without your kids. Whether it’s a flat tire or you ran out of gas, this is a very vulnerable and potentially ¬†dangerous situation to be in.

What’s worse? Not knowing who you’re going to call to come help you. The ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, co-worker??? Any of those people may come get you, if they take your call. But there may also be strings attached.

In many cases a Good Samaritan may stop to assist you, but this can be frightening and it may not be safe. You cannot take these kinds of risks.

AAA always takes my calls. AAA doesn’t complain or lecture me. ¬†AAA always knows what to do. AAA always shows up.

For less than 2 dimes a day, you can always have someone to call when you need help!

That’s how Single Mom’s Lean In!