I Could Care Less!

Really, I could. Care LESS! I’ve realized recently that at times, I over think things to the point of stressing myself out. I’m writing about this cause I know I’m not alone.

We worry about what people think when we come in late or leave a little early.
We worry about what the stay at home moms will think if we don’t volunteer at school.
We worry about what our kid’s teacher will think if we don’t sell cookie dough for the fundraiser.

But really, who cares?!?!

Are you leaning in at work, doing your very best and getting results?
Are you stepping up and carrying your weight when possible to make your school better?
Are you making sure your kids are prepared to be lifetime learners and contributing members of society?

Then stop worrying about it. Stand strong in recognizing the value you are bringing and start caring less about what others might be thinking.

The truth is, you aren’t that important. Most people are not sitting around thinking about what you’re doing. Even if it feels like people are looking at you funny when you sneak out occasionally at 4.

They could care less. They’re too busy worrying about what others are thinking about them!

Caring less! Now that’s how single mom’s lean in!